Most entrepreneurs start with a product or service that they themselves have been looking for or need, finding their own solution to their problems, which in turn would be serving many others in the same situation.


My fashion journey started at the age of 8, making babies clothes for my baby dolls because I didn’t like the usual baby wear you get in the stores, eventually selling to my little friends and then soon their mothers also bought for their babies, wanting to show off their designer wear baby clothing on their cute babies of course.

At the age of 18, I started doing clothing alterations for clients during the evenings and over weekends, while being employed for one of the top clothing manufacturers in Gauteng, as a junior fashion designer wanting to make extra money, slowly growing my own business while I gained more knowledge working in the fashion industry, I was hungry to learn from how the manufacturing and production line worked in the factory, from designing the right type of designs and styles understanding our clients needs. Working for a well-established clothing manufacturing company that was supplying to 100s of top clothing boutiques and stores around South Africa at the time, gaining priceless amounts of experience, which I am so grateful for, and in return can share with new fresh blood entrepreneurs who want to become fashion bosses.

Scratching your itch could be you are tall and find it hard to find trousers that fit your length of legs that are still stylish and the look you love, and you feel this would be a niche market you want to tap into. Or let’s just admit that most of the merchandise in the retail stores is very commercial and not exciting, and you are tired of looking like everyone else and fed up with clothes not fitting you correctly, with the lengths not balancing your body proportions to fabric colours that are not really your colours to bring out the best of your complexion, and you want to offer styles and designs that are custom made, that make your ideal client look and feel incredible when rocking their style in your designs.

My itch was to be financially independent and to tap into a niche market that would bring in the most amount of money, but still doing what I loved and to give the best service and experience to my clients. This is how it all started, opening a bridal and evening gown boutique in my studio, offering ready to wear gowns which I designed and pre-made to show off a collection for those clients who wanted to try on a ready to wear gowns, and for those clients that wanted their own designs made up special appointments to consult with the designer (that was me of course) to suggest, designs and styles that would suit their body shape best, creating the garment of their dreams, from bridal gowns, bridesmaid gowns to matric dance gowns. As well as offering my clients tea, coffee or wine with their consultation, and offering extra services from special occasion makeup, hair styling, facials and weight loss treatments to the entire experience. I opened a beauty, day spa, hair salon and wellness clinic on my business premises that I purchased all part of my business investments.

‘Not bad for starting off doing alterations, wouldn’t you agree?”

In my STITCHING TO RICHES Ecorse which you can do at your own pace, covers A TO Z all the areas of gaining clarity where to start, who to design for, what type of service or product to offer, how to go about it, starting with what you have right now, and how to progress as your cash flow grows, and all how to avoid typical entrepreneurial mistakes along the way.

I can honestly say I wished I had this advice when I started up all those years ago, it would have saved me a lot of time and money along the way, and avoided a serious burn out, doing too much, becoming a superwomen, but I suppose it was part of my journey to gain so much insight, knowledge and experience that today I can share this with all your new fresh blood entrepreneurs. And this makes me ever so grateful, so thank you universe.