Sewing & fashion business 101


Firstly, you would need to know want to you want to offer as a product or service or both? Have crystal clear clarity on want you want to do as a fashion boss entrepreneur, and put out there in the world of fashion.

YOUR IMMEDIATE SKILLS: There are so many things you could do and offer in the fashion business, ask yourself which set of skills or experience and passions do you have that you could you use or implement into a start-up business. For example, you have a great eye when putting looks or styles together with accessories for special occasions and you have studied and researched image consulting, and you have been pondering on the to offer personal shopping with your clients including sewing and designing specific style items to compliment the rest of the wardrobe, which you cannot find in the clothing retail stores. This is a combined service you could offer. Or look at what intense passions and interests you have, that you could use, when you have a burning desire or passion for something its alive and real, and you could use this to create and generate an income from it.

KNOW YOUR NICHE: If, you not sure what you want to do, draw up a list. Here are some inspirational ideas you could follow, and possibly turn into your fashion business: Make up a designer handbag range; Children’s clothing range; designer shirts for men; wrap trousers in printed silk fabrics; fashion designing services; bridal gowns to make on order; infinity dresses for bridesmaids & flowergirls on order to match bridal colours & theme; start a CMT (cut make & trim service); buy and sell fashion fabrics; sell jewellery; design a maternity evening range.

TARGET MARKET: The next thing is to break down your ideal target market from the inspiration ideas you got. Maternity wear means that pregnant ladies who attend formal functions would need dresses, and you could offer to make on order or have a range that you could hire out.

MARKETING: You need an audience out there to know what you are offering and selling. Where would you market your products and services? Start within your area, but don’t limit yourself, look at all the other areas around you, close by suburbs, towns and provinces. Market & advertise on FB groups, local news papers, magazines, whats app groups, or your local networking events.

WHERE DOES YOUR TRIBE HANG OUT: this is where you should be marketing your goods, which types of magazines does your tribe/target market read, or shop online shops, these are the places where you should be visible and selling your goods. Would it be maternity magazines, mama groups on Facebook groups, Amazon, Takealot, Spree, Shopify.

AUDIENCE: you need to create an audience, attract people that you know who will want your services or products, find out where they are hanging out, and get away for them to become aware of you, and to start following you. START WITH ONE SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM AT A TIME, learn it, get to know how to perfect it, then you can add on more, for example, if you decide to use Facebook then learn everything about how to use FB to market and sell your goods, and use it fully to your advantage to gain followers/audience to see you.

NETWORK: Meet other like minded people, stay focused on what you want to offer, go out there and introduce yourself, make sure you have business cards or pop up banner with your product photos on that you could display and show off your talents.

You decide on what you love and have passion for to start you your business, whether it is bridal gowns, alterations to clothing or specifically to bridal gowns only, teaching sewing, writing books, fashion stylist, personal stylist/personal shopping, fashion designing custom made outfits, maternity wear range to hire out, designer fashionable coffee mugs, fashion sketch books, do your research first of who your market is, where your strengths and skills are right now, who would be helping you, or can you do it alone, where you would market and sell your goods.

HAVE FUN: being creative feeds your soul, learning new skills is one of the most uplifting and empowering feeling one can get, enjoy your journey as you learn and grow your level of experience and knowledge along the way, these are all things that add to you becoming an success.