Fun sleeping bag – make it yourself


There is something magical about being creative and making your own creations, from clothes, art, writing, to crafts.


5x firm pillows, firm fabric you can use mini matt fabric, 2.5m, thread, pins, buttons or velcro to open sides to remove pillows to wash sleeping bag


The sleeping bag is 1m wide by 2.5m long. Cut the fabric on fold measuring 1m cut two lengths. Lay fabric on top of each other right sides up (prints on topo of one another), cut 1m width all the way down of the 2.5m length

Sew the one side length together 1cm seam -Overlock the one side of the sleeping bag length that you haven’t sewn closes yet (2.5m length side) and fold back a one cm hem and stitch the hem down along the 2.5cm length). If you want to use buttons then make a 2cm fold back for button holes and buttons closer

Using a pen and ruler make the envelope – slide in areas for the pillow, measure 50cm opening for each pillow, draw a line with your pen, then sew along lines – you will have 5x pillow slots seams.

Join the seams of the bottom and top of the sleeping bag. Decide if you want to use velcro on one side opening or buttons or studs, making an opening to remove pillows when washing sleeping bag. Either glue or stitch the velcro top and bottom of each pillow opening where you did your 1cm hem.

Push your pillows into each slot, then velcro close the sides of close with your buttons.

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