Skills to Success


It does become rather overwhelming once you have thought it over and over in your mind, and then you made the final decision to go ahead and start your own business. The fashion industry is so vast with so many different avenues you could go into, which no doubt can be very intimidating in which direction or niche to go into. If, you have a good idea which avenue you want to follow and a pretty good idea of which integrated products or services you would like to add-on to offer with your main source of product, to add extra income streams.

PLANNING FOR YOUR SUCCESS This is the exciting time, avoid hyper-ventilating at this stage, just write out your plan, write out your ideas, your customers, your suppliers, your products, production, costs, and when you are going to launch. Work out your budget, do what you can to save were ever you can, or source out to help you to get things done quicker.

ACTION – This is where you have to get started and stay very disciplined, as each hour, day and week goes by, your actions, your planned time management needs to take full swing, as you progress each day taking you closer to your launch date, turning your ideas, dreams into actual reality.

PURPOSE- Discovering and tapping into your true talents, to follow your life purpose and drive brining your dreams into reality is the most rewarding and fulfilling experience in one’s life.

SMALL CHUNKS – ONE THING @ A TIME: Break down each area, each project into smaller sections, and do one project and task at a time to prevent feeling overwhelmed and going into self-doubt and absolute stagnation into procrastination mode.

STITCHING TO RICHES: My workshop & online ECorse, I guide you A to Z how to get started, which direction to go, where, when, who & why answers get answered, giving you more clarity to get you on the road to becoming a fashion boss.


If, fashion is your destiny, contact Tania Sutherland for the STITCHING TO RICHES WORKSHOP or ECORSE information or to join the school STITCHING STUDIO ACADEMY