Has sewing as a hobby crossed your mind at all, or is it something you have been pondering about for the past while? Perhaps its time to get the ball rolling. Let me share 10 reasons why sewing your own clothes could change your life and increase your self-confidence and boost your self-image 10 fold.


NUMBER ONE: You can make clothes in the colours that really suit your skin tone, hair colour and skin, which immediately will enhanc your natural complexion fully. When wearing the wrong colours it will make you look pale, sick or even larger in size

NUMBER TWO: Your clothes will fit your body proportions correctly. Especially if you are a real women body shape, your bust size, waist size and hip size might all be different putting you into different sizes, by making your own clothes, you can adjust your patterns to fit your body measurements. This will make you feel incredibly confident, looking good and wearing clothes that actually fit you.

NUMBER THREE: No more sending your clothes in for alterations, you can take in or let your own garments, learning to do your own alterations

NUMBER FOUR: Your sewing designs will be exclusive to you, no more wearing an outfit that someone else is wearing at the same function or at the office, that you both bought at the same chain store.

NUMBER FIVE: No longer wearing sleeves that are too short or too long for your arm length, now you can adjust your pattern sleeves to fit your correct arm length.

NUMBER SIX: You can select fabrics that you love to wear, if you into natural organic and breathable fibres then you can make your clothes up in all the natural fabrics

NUMBER SEVEN: Wear stripes, geometric, florals or animal prints that you love to wear, now making your style authentic and individual to your personal taste, rocking your own style and another boost to your confidence levels.

NUMBER EIGHT: Design and sew styles that you can wear with confidence, hiding the areas you want to conceal and showing off all your good assets, balancing out your body proportions, and using styles to enhance what you want to reveal and show off more, for examples you might have lovely legs, and a shorter hemline looks great on you, or adding a V-neck to your tops giving your bodice/torso area some length adding some length to your short bodice area.

NUMBER NINE: Sewing your own clothes, gives you a sense of self-achievement and accomplishment, when you complete every garment, as well as how your your sewing improves and your skills and all the new techniques you learn along the way is very satisfying indeed.

NUMBER TEN: Bonus of reasons – You are being authentic in your style, your confidence levels will increase, your new skills and self achievement levels heighten, you will save money making your own clothes, you can quickly pay up and close all your clothing accounts, you will become the envy of all your friends as they admire how amazing you look.