8 Steps to plan, design & sew your ready to wear wardrobe

What is the main reason why you would sew your own ready to wear wardrobe?

To design & sew clothes that are your true authentic style, designs that suit your body proportions and shape, with correct fit and customised tailoring. These are some tips out of the book READY TO WEAR WARDROBE


Go through your wardrobe, do a clean out, a detox. Time to move and shift things out of your life you no longer use,  wear or need, make space for things you love and want to wear 80% of the time no longer wearing 20% of your wardrobe 80% of the time.


Drawing up your list of what is missing, that you can add to your new sewing project list to put back into your wardrobe to make it complete and more versatile. Assessing your lifestyle clothing needs. Drawing up lists.


You need to do some research and analysis, to identify your body shape and become aware of what your body proportions are and imperfections.

Check out Pinterest, Google sites and Youtube about the different body shapes. Follow celebs that have similar body shapes and personality as your on.


Know what colours suit you best, research if you are warm or cool undertone, so you can select correct colour palette for your ready to wear wardrobe, making your planning easier, when you draw up your sewing project shopping list, buying the correct colour prints and fabrics in the fabric shops, and purchasing accessories, shoes, handbags and so on, in the right colours, tones and hues to compliment your skin tone, and your new ready to wear wardrobe that is completely versatile , suiting your personality and lifestyle.


Understand your true fashion personality, the best exercise you can do is research the internet for ideas, inspiration and what your resonate with most. Get yourself a few fashion magazines and start your journey creating your personal fashion styling vision board, this will be part of your boards you can use when designing your looks, styles, and selecting pattern styles for your ready to wear wardrobe designing layout.


Lifestyle assessment planner data sheet, which styles, designs and clothing attire do you need for all areas of your lifestyle, breaking this down into sections, to determine how many styles you need per area in your lifestyle activities, and including you’re missing items from the wardrobe detox, and any refashion recycle. This would leave you with sewing projects to do alterations, refashion or to recycle what you can


To make your sewing process run a lot smoother, it is best to use TRIED TESTED & TRUSTED PATTERNS, creating your pattern perfect blocks before the time is a very good idea. Whenever you sew a new pattern, and you make alterations to the garment, you need to make the alteration changes to your pattern as well, when you use it again you know this pattern has been adjusted and fits you correctly.


Design time – laying out all the data you have complied into actual mini wardrobe designs, breaking it up into small sections of complete outfits (example: trouser, skirt, jacket all in the same print & fabric, that you can mix and match with other items in your wardrobe; designing several tops in colours that you know suits your skin tone, that you can wear with the trouser, skirt, jacket, etc.) Building on your colours, looks, and areas for your lifestyle. Start drawing, sketching your ideas, or going through your patterns that you have, selecting which you will be using as is, or whether you need to hack the pattern to create new designs or styles. Work out your project sewing sheets to plan how much fabrics, trims and the colours you need per project, using you’re sketching layout illustrations on a work board, taking your rating shopping list with you, to go shopping being totally prepared and with a plan.


This is just an overview of what is in the READY TO WEAR WARDROBE, the book is very detailed for each 8 steps with charts, tables and activity sheets to assist and guide you along the way.