Students at Stitching to Riches workshop


Meet Thandi & Hayden from Stitching Studio completing their Stitching to Riches workshop

Thandi is planning to have her own fashion line, streetwear look for men, ladies & children to sell on line

Hayden is pursuing a fashion design career, making his own collection as well as designing and manufacturing custom designer wear clothing for his male clientele base.


BRAINSTORMING – bringing out all those ideas of fashion onto paper

Assessing what you really want from your fashion business and how to create and design your life and lifestyle around your fashion career.

Gaining clarity of what exactly you will be pursuing in the fashion and sewing industry

Having a plan of skills and experience and knowledge you will need to obtain to make all this happen to turn your dream career and lifestyle into a reality. Planning for success

Having a clear plan and picture of what you want – then implementing you fashion business startup plan with steps of action

Time line, creating step by step projects and obtainable and measurable goals and putting them into easy compartmental little sections, so you can follow through one section at a time, complete it, feel that incredible sense of accomplishment, then move onto the next planned phase, each day, each week and each month you are moving closer and close to creating your fashion career and lifestyle you want have planned and want through working with the set layout of the STITCHING TO RICHES – Fashion business startup

Thandi and Hayden are following their life passions and creating a career in what they love doing.