Tips to sew & design your wardrobe

Start with a colour you want to bring into your wardrobe.

For this  blog presentation I decided to bring in an element of red into my ready to wear wardrobe.

Decide what styles you want and need to have in your wardrobe

consider the weather or season at the time of your designing and sewing

Look at what your lifestyle or events are planned so you can design and sew styles to wear to these events, networking sessions or business trips etc.

Keep in mind to have styles that suit your body shape with the correct lengths to complement your body proportions, to show off all your flattering body parts, and keeping the lengths in balance (example your jackets or tops are made within correct length to your upper body approximately past waist length or on 2nd hip length so that your top part of your body and legs (trouser or skirt) lengths are in balance. Not having a longer looking top part of your body with short looking legs because you lengths are out of proportions.

select fabrics you like to work with, and wear. Use different textures still using the same colours or create designs with different shades of reds, as long as you are loving the colours and you know you will wear them, and they suit your complexion and easy to mix and match with the rest of your wardrobe, then I say go for it, be creative.

Love what you design and sew – wear it with confidence.

With my READY TO WEAR Book or eBook there are guidelines you can follow to create, and how to design and plan your ready to wear mini collections to create a versatile wardrobe that suits your lifestyle and of course how to select styles that suit your personality.