Thinking about sewing / fashion business startup?

Thinking about becoming a fashion boss, to start your own fashion business? 

  1. Do you have sewing skills?
  2. Do you have a natural flare for fashion?
  3. Do you have an entrepreneurial mindset?
  4. Do you have skills & experience in fashion or sewing the you offer a service or product to generate and extra income for yourself?

Need clarity where to start?

How to put all these ideas you have into a clear precise plan?

Being a creative person, you tend to want to do so much, spreading yourself out, feeling overwhelmed with all the wonderful things you want to do, offer or provide in your new business, does this sound familiar to you?

The question is how do you streamline it to being more focused on one thing for now, to get started and to have a plan in place, later  you can add integrated services or products for the near future, in your business taking one step at a time, giving you back a sense of being in control, that you can cope with what you have in mind now to get started, no longer feeling overwhelmed? to riches is a full day workshop, also available in book and soon will be available as an online course.