Available in A4 spiral binding full colour printed  sketch book

Couriered to your door step

Statistically, it has been proven that your subconscious mind works best with visual pictures, having clarity in a design or photo, gives your brain precise imagery of what you are desiring, planning or wanting with a clear visual notion. (this works wonders in law of attraction, attracting what you want in life through an image, now imagine you in your outfit, the location, your designing business or car in the back ground, you never know what could manifest in your clear picture you have in your mind)

 “The question to ask yourself is, do I have a precise picture in my mind before each sewing project?”

Draw it & Sew it sketchbook is an important part of your visual idea of what you are planning to do, bringing your idea and sketch to life, creating something from a thought.

As you, adding more sketches compiling an entire theme or mini collection just by sketching out your ideas, which could lead to creating an entire new wardrobe or fresh look for you.


Clear detailed sketches makes your  to your preparation phase so much easy to plan ahead without wasting time or money,

Your sketching is vital for the planning of any project giving you clarity, on the theme, the look, the design, the colours,

Creating a mood board will inspire your ideas that you could sketch out and turn into reality,

Draw it & Sew it showing you how to create your own personalised mood board to inspire you to design your style.

Seeing your sketches in front of you, gives you an image in your mind how you could possibly pair the new design sketch, with other items in your wardrobe to make your designs more versatile and adding to that sustainable wardrobe, adding your share to saving the planet, making your sewing styles last longer

Draw it & Sew it, includes different fashion templates guiding you how you can personalise the templates to match your own body shape, making your sketching more of a reality to the true you

From your fashion illustration sketch, using existing patterns you have tried, tested and trust.

Proud of what you have made taking photos for future references for your own file or to show clients what you can do

All from an idea that you sketched out to wearing what you made that suits your body shape, personality and lifestyle


Spiral bound A4 book is available fully printed – Couriered to your doorstep.

eBook PDF downloadable for all devices is optional

Complementing books to make your sewing projects more enjoyable, becoming more skilled and thinking like your own personal fashion stylist making up designs that suits your body shape and personality in the Ready to wear Wardrobe,  to learning how to sketch like a professional fashion designer with templates for you to use in Draw it & Sew it A4 size sketch book, taking your sewing knowledge and skills to the next level,  from visualization of an idea into crystal clear clarity on where to start and what you want to offer in your fashion startup business using the step by step guidance procedures ecorse, Stitching to Riches.

– Testimonials-

I am so thankful that I stumbled across your path, I have watched all your YouTube videos on how to plan ahead, I am looking forward to getting my sewing life organized, taking this serious and perhaps take on the alteration business homebased course, getting myself organized from the start.

Elizma Stander from Witbank

If, there is one most important thing I have learnt from Tania, that is, not just to go and buy loads of fabrics without a proper planned out  project, this has saved me money, time and frustrations sitting with loads of stash fabrics in my sewing cupboard.

Teresa Scanes - Krugersdorp (Stitching Studio Student)