“TIME is precious commodity, especially when juggling ‘me time’ in your busy life”, say’s Tania Sutherland who understands from personal experience from being a young mother, taking care of her family with a  full time job, a household to maintain, while working until late in the evenings to build up her sideline fashion business, shares tips and hacks how to make more time for yourself, how to plan better, to be more productive giving you more time to do what you love, to have time for your sewing projects.

“Wouldn’t you agree, being organized, you get things done quicker, more efficient, plus feeling very accomplished and chuffed with yourself? Another tick off, on your to do list, Right?”

It’s been Scientifically proven that your brain keeps record of everything you accomplish, and while planning your goal, you are setting new habits which lead to the achievements of your successes. Your brain is storing your capabilities, actions, setting in the habits like your own personal filing record of statistics, embedded in your subconscious?

When toying with an idea to start something new. “Saying, to yourself, should I do this, would I be able to? Your brain, immediately kicks out the logged stats, informing you, “Yes”, you have a track record average of 90% completing, what you start!”

These positive statistics boost and build your self-confidence.

“Okay, you might say, I’m not a very organized person, not sure where to start?”

Becoming more organized filters into every area of your life, adding value to you as a person, once you are more organized it’ like second nature to you, you just do things automatically in a sequence of knowing where everything is, and everything has it’s place, which ultimately means you can quickly find, and get on with your goals and projects.

 Like Anthony Robbins quotes:

Once you have mastered time, you will understand how true it is that most people overestimate what they can accomplish in a year – and underestimate what they can achieve in a decade!
Having a creative soul who understands you, and who had to learn many expensive lessons from wasting precious time to spending double on projects orders for customers because of lack of organized planning, can now share this with you, to guide you not to make these similar mistakes, giving you more clarity on your planning, your purchasing and productivity in your projects, saving your money and your precious time.

You will be guided how to plan ahead, preparing a precise shopping list for your sewing projects, no longer being clueless what to do with all those spurs of the moment beautiful fabrics and trims you purchased, from those weak moments of awe, when seeing all those lovely fabrics surrounding you in the fabric shops, yeah, I get you.

How to manage your time better, with 15 ways to make more time for yourself, without feeling guilty.

How to create and have an easy reference sequence to find your commercial patterns, at a glance, making it quick and easy to plan your next sewing project.

How to sort out your fabric stash, know what you.

How to plan and what to do with all your stash, giving you tips and inspiration for your new projects, using a fashion vision board.

How to organize your threads, trims and haberdashery easy to find and see when you looking for them or planning a next project, to plan your shopping list in advance without duplicating your purchasing with things you already have in your stash.

How to refashion your denim, into new designs, with many ideas on how to plan and sew your unfinished sewing projects, plus planning your alterations to get them done.

Organized Planning leads to better Productivity and Producing hidden Potential in you, which you thought you never had, organized planning, give you extra freed up time to do what you love, your sewing and designing.


Spiral bound A4 book is available fully printed – Couriered to your doorstep.

eBook PDF downloadable for all devices is optional

Complementing books to make your sewing projects more enjoyable, becoming more skilled and thinking like your own personal fashion stylist making up designs that suits your body shape and personality in the Ready to wear Wardrobe,  to learning how to sketch like a professional fashion designer with templates for you to use in Draw it & Sew it A4 size sketch book, taking your sewing knowledge and skills to the next level,  from visualization of an idea into crystal clear clarity on where to start and what you want to offer in your fashion startup business using the step by step guidance procedures ecorse, Stitching to Riches.

– Testimonials-

I am so thankful that I stumbled across your path, I have watched all your YouTube videos on how to plan ahead, I am looking forward to getting my sewing life organized, taking this serious and perhaps take on the alteration business homebased course, getting myself organized from the start.

Elizma Stander from Witbank

If, there is one most important thing I have learnt from Tania, that is, not just to go and buy loads of fabrics without a proper planned out  project, this has saved me money, time and frustrations sitting with loads of stash fabrics in my sewing cupboard.

Teresa Scanes - Krugersdorp (Stitching Studio Student)