“Are you tired of standing in front of your wardrobe, frustrated, not having clothes that suit you and lacking specific pieces to complete your look, and wondering how you go about sewing a new wardrobe that really suit you and your lifestyle?”

Statistics say,  it only takes 3 seconds for people to judge you on your image, without you even saying a word.

“The question to ask yourself is, what’s your style saying about you?”

Ready to wear wardrobe is based on true fashion designing knowledge and experience over 30years sharing fashion designing and personal styling with my clients, from the first consultation, accumulating information to best understand the client needs, learning more about their personality, which questions to ask and what advice to offer, understanding their personality, knowing which designs would complement their body proportions and shape, with colours that will enhance their natural beauty.  


The entire ready to wear wardrobe is set out with a organised plan layout to guide you to get the correct information personalising your styled wardrobe. No longer wearing the same outfit as someone else at an event.


If, you a dressmaker or designer you can use this 8 step plan, to sew and design for a customer giving an extra service, to design and sew a mini wardrobe for your customer, with professional steps to take, to get the correct information together to offer a wonderful service, generate an extra income flow for yourself, which will impress your clients friends so much, they also will be calling you for orders.

– 8 Step by Step Plan –

This is an exciting journey of you discovering yourself on a new level, your style is an extension of your personality. Planning your wardrobe starts, with your a lifestyle assessment activity questionnaire, you need to have the right clothes to suit your lifestyle, right now.


  • Using explicit information you have accumulated from identifying your true style,
  • Using a fashion vision board which resonates with your true fashion personality,
  • Using lists to managing a wardrobe detox,
  • Using a planned template shopping list to replace what you still need to complete your wardrobe after the detox exercise,
  • Using your lifestyle events, or special occasion to pre-organise the right design for your outfit, being prepared ahead of the time, arriving and looking amazing each time
  • Action plan suggestions & worksheets to start your journey preparing you’re ready to wear wardrobe
  • Being unique wearing your true authentic designs, with confidence, sewing your wardrobe for your lifestyle and any season you desire.
  • Wearing unique styles that, that presents your true personality.
  • How to assess your lifestyle styles you will need.
  • Shopping list to purchase the items that are missing in your wardrobe to your list for your sewing project
  • The main feature would be to understand your ‘fashion style’ and to be authentic in your look allowing you to wear your style in absolute confidence
  • Layout out your wardrobe designs, selecting your commercial patterns to use to sew your collection

Using up stash fabrics & creating a list for new fabrics & colours to fit into your designs

Fashion illustration  & Sketching your designs, bringing them into life, putting your thoughts into real designs, using your commercial pattern reference file to select your designs,

Having a plan detailed shopping list for each project no longer wasting time in the material shop not having clarity of what you really need or what you are going to make, no more wasting money, instead being organised following a planned wardrobe layout, feeling and becoming more like your own fashion designer and stylist.

OMG, so much to discover and learn about yourself and to offer this as an extra service to generate an extra income

Spiral bound A4 book is available fully printed – Couriered to your doorstep.

eBook PDF downloadable for all devices is optional


Complementing books to make your sewing projects more enjoyable, becoming more skilled and thinking like your own personal fashion stylist making up designs that suits your body shape and personality in the Ready to wear Wardrobe,  to learning how to sketch like a professional fashion designer with templates for you to use in Draw it & Sew it A4 size sketch book, taking your sewing knowledge and skills to the next level,  from visualization of an idea into crystal clear clarity on where to start and what you want to offer in your fashion startup business using the step by step guidance procedures ecorse, Stitching to Riches.

– Testimonials-

I am so thankful that I stumbled across your path, I have watched all your YouTube videos on how to plan ahead, I am looking forward to getting my sewing life organized, taking this serious and perhaps take on the alteration business homebased course, getting myself organized from the start.

Elizma Stander from Witbank

If, there is one most important thing I have learnt from Tania, that is, not just to go and buy loads of fabrics without a proper planned out  project, this has saved me money, time and frustrations sitting with loads of stash fabrics in my sewing cupboard.

Teresa Scanes - Krugersdorp (Stitching Studio Student)