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Have you been thinking about a fashion start-up business?


  • Do you love fashion, love sewing or love the idea of starting your own fashion business?
  • Becoming a fashion boss, doing what you love, but not sure how to take your:
  • Ideas, thoughts, concepts;
  • Into an actual business;
  • Having crystal clear clarity;
  • Which products or services you will be offering;
  • Understanding which skills & experience you have right now;
  • Getting started with what you know right now;
  • Select the right product or service  to get you started:
  • Knowing who your target market will be;
  • How to use social media to attract your tribe;
  • How to create your branding;
  • How to attract your tribe, creating awareness in your market;

Tania Sutherland shares 30years of fashion designing and hands on entrepreneurship with you, started her own fashion business back then as a teenager, having fashion in her DNA. Guiding you how to avoid those typical beginners mistakes, which cost you loads of wasted money and unnecessary time, instead starting your business with a plan and clear direction, bringing you closer to generating business sales, income and growing your business and awareness in your market.

Stitching to Riches is a fashion business coaching course set up for a one workshop and the workshop in a eBook format you could purchase online:  

Including 4x ½ hour skype or Facetime consultation talking you and guiding you through the course layout giving you clarity on what and how to go about getting clear planned direction.

Stitching to Riches 1 day course or purchase eBook online:

Includes: Fashion startup business plan, with a 1 to 16 steps  with a clear marketing strategy plan you can implement to help you get into action, plan to get everything in order to get you started.

I know how creative minds dislike to write up marketing plans and business plans, in this bonus gift you get this with your eBook




– Testimonials-

I am so thankful that I stumbled across your path, I have watched all your YouTube videos on how to plan ahead, I am looking forward to getting my sewing life organized, taking this serious and perhaps take on the alteration business homebased course, getting myself organized from the start.

Elizma Stander from Witbank

If, there is one most important thing I have learnt from Tania, that is, not just to go and buy loads of fabrics without a proper planned out  project, this has saved me money, time and frustrations sitting with loads of stash fabrics in my sewing cupboard.

Teresa Scanes - Krugersdorp (Stitching Studio Student)